Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nail Trends Fall/Winter 2012

So it pass almost month from the New York and London Fashion week. And I must say I love it this Fall/Winter collection. 
I had an opportunity to see some of the shows from London and New York 
I read some articles about it and I noticed the nail trends about this fall/winter
So here are some suggestions:

Pure gold

Dark red

French manicure with red tips

Dark Blue

So as you see from the pictures form of the nails is simple: short and square with rounded corners.
About the colors, I fell in love with this three types of manicure.
1. Dark and Stormy- you can paint your nails in any dark color like: dark blue, dark red, dark green
2. Pretty and Pearls- for this you'll need colors such a white-cream, pure gold or even marshmallow (it's so girly)
3. French twist- this is simple french manicure but it's a modification as a basic color you can use white-cream color or champagne color and the tips of the nail you'll paint in red, black or dark blue.

So what you waiting paint your nails as a model from Fashion Week and stay Stylish.

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