Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coccinella septempunctata- What's that?

it's a Lady Bug

As a biology student this nail art is my favorite, and I done it many times before, but now as a inspiration is my Invrtebrate exam. It's in Friday, I hope that I'll do my best and I think that this nail art will bring me luck, because I'll need it.
P.S this song is off the topic, but I like it a lot.

Some facts about lady bug: 
Family: Cocccinelide, Suborder: Polyphaga, Order: Coleoptera Class: Insecta Type: Artropoda
They are common for Europe, here in Macedonia we have 20 species, most common here Coccinella septempunctata (with 7 dots), but also we have Coccinela bipuncata (with 2 dots).

They develop from larva which isn't so pretty as a adult lady bug :)
The species can secrete a fluid from the joints in their legs which gives them a foul taste, and when they are in danger they pretend to be dead to protect it self.

for this nail art I used: 
red, black and white nail art
and top coat
doting tool (which is my favorite tool)

I hope that you learn new things about this sweet creature, 
so learn new things, paint your nails and stay stylish.

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