Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Really Busy Saturday

Today I was really busy, so I didn't paint my nails at all. 
Instead of that I painted my friend Bibe's nails.
She was fascinated by my  British nails and she ask me to paint her nails same, so I did it.
here are some pictures of her nails.
The nails a little messy because we were in a hurry.
I hope that you'll like it, because she love it a lot as same as this song.

Also I had another guest at my place it was my other friend's niece, she is only 6 and she asked me to paint her nails in all colors, which is impossible because I have too many nail polish in different colors so I picked some of them and here is what we done.

I hope that till tomorrow I'll paint my nails
till next post paint your nails and stay stylish.

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