Friday, December 21, 2012

Crazy Christmas Tree

Usually I am thinking some new designs and I want to be simple and unique but this time I saw very cute and crazy nail design, so I borrow it. :)
I must say this girl's nail art tutorials are great and they all are simple and easy, you can check it out.
Cute polish is the name of her YouTube account.

When I saw this I fell in love with this nail art, so I decided to make it.
I made a little change about this nail design, because I don't want to imitate.
My last post was also about Christmas tree, but what can I say I love trees especially Christmas trees.

So as you can see in her tutorial I used:
white polish
green ( 3 shades)
and my dotting tool
and I made a Christmas lights on the other nails
I used other three colors for the lights.

And here is my mustache Christmas trees and Christmas lights.

I hope that you like tins Christmas nail design
Have a nice holidays, paint your nails
and Stay Stylish.


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