Sunday, December 9, 2012

*** Let it snow ***

Here is another nail design inspired by this cold and snowy December.
Once I read somewhere that every snowflake is unique, and I tried to make them different.

it was really easy to make this nail design, if you like it to paint your nails like this you'll need:
1. basic color (I used mint- from Golden rose) 
2. On the basic color I put it blue glitter
3. white nail polish (for the snowflakes)
I draw the snowflakes with thinnest brush and doting tool.

And remember: paint your nails, protect your hands from the cold (wear gloves)
and Stay Stylish.

P.S. I'm sad :( I broke one of my nails and I had to cut them all, now they are tiny and it's a bit hard to draw on them, I hope that till my next post they will grow a inch. :)