Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snowman nails

So today's post inspiration is again the snow, it was snowing all day and outside is real winter we have pretty much snow. I didn't had time today to make a snowman in my yard but I painted my nails with snowmen, and now I have ten. :)
today i was pretty busy, so I painted my nails really late its almost one o'clock AM.

Sooo I was busy because I was making Christmas decorations in my home (I'll make a post about it), and I was pretty excited because I bought new Christmas tree (it's plastic) yay so happy about it.

So for this snowmen I used:
as basic color: grey (selene), then I put it blue glitter on it,
next with doting tool and white nail-polish I made it the snowmen
and finished with top coat.

I experimented with the snowmen, on some of them I draw it hats and now I see that was a bad idea.

So I hope you like this winter nail art,
so paint your nails and Stay Stylish


  1. Replies
    1. Благодарам, ама некако не сум баш задоволна :)

  2. I didn't had time today to make a snowman.....

    isn't it :

    I didn't have ?

    анивеј ај лајк јоур наилс хахха :D