Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OUAT Challenge Day 9- Inspired by your favourite episode

Last manicure in this challenge :(
I must say I enjoyed a lot.
Thanks to Taya for organizing this challenge.

Today theme is favorite episode.
I really like all episodes, but I decided for the episode when Henry and his psychiatrist
were stacked in the mine.
And the blue fairy make Jimmy into grasshopper.

I'm not really satisfy how I painted Jimmy :)
hopefully next time I'll do better.
On my middle finger I painted Jimmy's umbrella.

Paint your nails 
Stay Stylish

P.S. See what other girl did this time:


  1. You have a present in my blog http://minailsart.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/antes-que-nada-quiero-agradecer-yo-amo.html

  2. 1- Contestar 11 preguntas (Answer 11 questions)
    2- Otorgar el premio a 20 BLOOOOOOGS (Give this regard to 20 blogs you know)
    3- Los blogs deben responder las mismas 11 preguntas (Your chosen bloggers should answer the same questions as you)


    1- ¿Qué te gusta más cocinar: postres o platos de cucharas? (What do you prefer to cook: desserts or dishes?) I prefer to cook dishes, because they are less elaborated than desserts and you can add more flavors.

    2- ¿Qué es lo más importante para ti en una persona: la personalidad o el físico? (What is the most important for you as a person: his/her traits or his/her personality?)
    I prefer the personality, although at the first sight I look her/his traits.

    3- ¿Cuándo empezaste con el blog? (How long have you been on the blogger?)
    I seriously take a little time, because I didn't know how it worked. I only read bloggs which I knew. But I've been in since I couldn't post on facebook. I follow a lot of people on facebook, but now I prefer to post here.

    4- ¿Quién fue la persona que te inspiró para empezar en este mundo? (Who do you inspire to begin in this hobby?)
    All friend's facebook, but especially Skeleton Nails and after her... I began to introduce in Todos mis esmaltes' world. They are actually the guilties who made me addicted to polishes.

    5- ¿Sueles seguir muchos blogs o te llegan los seguidores por otras personas que te han conocido? (Do you usually go on too many bloggs or do people ussually follow you through other persons?)
    I began to sign up their webs, but now I'm in a challenge by Loving Cosmetic, and many people are following me because of her challenge.

    6- ¿Qué te gusta más: cocinar o que te cocinen? (What do you prefer: cooking or being cooked?)
    I prefer to be cooked, because I don't put up with the kitchen. I don't like to stay more than a half an hour.

    7- ¿Comes en casa o en el trabajo? (Do you eat at home or at work?)
    Normally at home, because I'm unemployed.

    8- ¿Sueles hacer recetas de verduras? (Do you usually cook recipes with vegetables or do you prefer another kind of foods?)
    I'm keen on cooking saldas with tons of ingredients.

    9- ¿Cuál es tu mejor receta? (what is your best reciep?)
    I think it was one I made with pears with sweets. It tasted very good.

    10-¿Qué le pides a una persona para que sea tu amiga? (What do you ask for a friend to be your close friend?
    Fisrtly, they are themselves, but to be contact for a long time with them, I ask for they are honest and loyal with me. The rest of the things, I don't mind.

    11- ¿Cuál es la mejor película que has visto? (What was the last film did you see?)
    Elizabeth. Recently I only watch or see the films it depends on the cast.

    It's your chance.